We call this “the accidental rebranding”.

In 2020, we partnered with EMBER, a small IT firm, to create a logo for a new service they were preparing for launch. We quickly got up-to-speed on their culture and ethos and their very particular skill set and before you knew it, we’d rebranded the entire company. Oops.


With a crystalized brand promise and sleek new look, a bold new EMBER emerged — and it wasn’t long before prospects (now clients) took notice.


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Out in Front Playbook

EMBER’s brand promise centers around their obsession with keeping their clients “out in front” of cyber threats. 


The Out In Front Playbook is a quarterly publication that demystifies common, timely, or especially scary cyber-issues and empowers readers with actionable tips and insider advice on sidestepping harm. 


Stay out in front – by following

We help EMBER keep their clients and followers informed and empowered with a social feed that’s accessible, and not too (too) scary.

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Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021

For Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021 (which is October, in case you didn’t know), we dropped weekly kits of printable, sharable graphics – each focused on a specific cybersecurity topic to keep EMBER's clients and followers out in front of danger. The educational material was turned into a special package of print postcards, posters, and stickers at the end of the month as a surprise mailer to all who had subscribed over the course of the month.


Video: Malix Media



One of the hardest things about our business is to prove — with real, hard numbers — the exact ROI of something like a rebrand or a general awareness campaign. It wasn’t long after EMBER’s new look emerged that they landed the biggest deal of their two-decade history. And it wasn’t long after the ink was dry on the contract that our client proclaimed that without a doubt, it was their new image and voice that helped them to look and sound the part and stand toe-to-toe with their (much) larger competitors.


Whether it was providing a buttoned-up image, a clear and compelling narrative, or just a little extra swagger, we are proud to have crafted a brand that EMBER is proud of and resonates with the clients they’re trying to reach — and, you know, save from imminent and devastating danger.

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