Nauman, Smith, Shissler, + Hall

We were all looking forward to 2021, but the partners at Nauman Smith Shissler & Hall were looking forward to it a little more.

The year would mark the 150th for the law firm, a milestone no other Pennsylvania law firm had ever enjoyed. In order to make sure they were ready to celebrate the accomplishment in suitable fashion, we led them through a branding process to uncover who they’d always been and define who they were ready to become. 


  • Legal


  • Advertising
  • Marketing Collateral


Before we presented a concept, opened our laptops, or even had a kick off meeting, our relationship with Nauman Smith was one to be proud of because it began with a phone call from a former client we last worked with more than a decade ago. His message? “We need you guys.” Not “We need an agency.” Not “We need a campaign.” “We need you guys.” After all of that time, to be so top of mind when a meaningful creative challenge was on the horizon was a huge compliment and one we worked hard to live up to throughout the project. (Spoiler alert: He called us again.)

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