Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance

The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance produces a number of publications that function as resources for the arts and culture community here in Philadelphia and across the country. In the spring of 2016, they had a pressing item on their agenda – the development and design of a new publication called … Agenda:.

The purpose of this publication was to provide advocates with a visually compelling tool to accompany their efforts as they made their appeals to policymakers, funders, and program directors. Made up of bite-sized statistics, locally-sourced anecdotes, and case-making data points, the Agenda series makes the case for the impact that arts and culture has on our region. Each edition is accompanied by a long-form companion piece that includes additional data and sources.


Agenda: Pre-K highlights the impact that arts and culture programs and organizations can have on the development and future success of children. Click here to view the full publication.


Agenda: Prosperity proves the economic impact that arts and culture has on our region. The data from this study was so compelling that GPCA made it the central theme of their 2017 Annual Meeting. Click here to view the full publication.


Next up: Issue #3 of Agenda will be coming out in the spring, and as we have recently kicked off our brand new agency of record relationship with GPCA, there will be a lot more to come.