Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance

The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance is our big little client — a powerhouse in heart, mission, and impact powered by a collection of individual programs, departments, and publications.

In 2017, we were invited to the table to brand and design one of those publications, Agenda: and the rest was history. Over the course of five years, we have worked with every one of their programs and every one of their team members and the relationship continues to grow. They champion arts and culture in the Philadelphia region. We champion them. 


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The Agenda: series is an intentionally flashy publication highlighting the impact of arts and culture on important societal issues through a series of written and graphic sound bites. Intended to be a tool for advocates to influence policymakers, our initial creative direction include the request that the publication be “able to be read upside-down” by the presenter. 


Unconscious Bias series

We work with the Cultural Alliance on initiatives small and large. Sometimes huge. Sometimes monumental. This was the latter – a four-part training confronting, explaining, unraveling, and ultimately re-coding unconscious biases around ableism, race, gender, and class.


Arts + Culture To Go

The Cultural Alliance is made up of a membership of arts and culture organizations across the region. When those members were struggling in the spring of 2020, we imagined a new initiative dubbed “Arts + Culture To Go” — an exhaustive menu of the virtual events and experiences offered by the member organizations. As museum doors re-opened and stage lights came back on, the initiative continued as a way to deliver on The Cultural Alliance’s mission to make arts and culture accessible to all — including those unable to visit a physical museum or theater. 


Proud Moment

Non-profits are constantly tasked with telling a compelling story and proving their value — for funding, for membership, and for advocacy support. We are immensely proud that the Cultural Alliance continues to prioritize our role in supporting them in that mission by consistently devoting budget to keeping us at the table. Even when times were tight, we have been able to stay engaged to support their good (good) work. 

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