Ten Million Trees for Pennsylvania

It's not hard to argue the benefits of trees. They are powerful water filters, they hold soil in place, they provide habitats for creatures and critters. And we haven't even gotten to the whole climbing thing!

While no one would argue the merit of planting trees, getting people to ACTUALLY plant them – on their property – times ten million – is another story entirely. The Keystone Ten Million Trees Partnership was tasked with accomplishing this herculean task by 2025. Four years out from their deadline, they came to us for help.


  • Economic Development
  • Non-Profit


  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Marketing Collateral

First things first ...

We dug in (and made a solemn oath to limit our planting puns moving forward). We spoke with private landowners and farmers, corporate partners and plain sect folks to really, REALLY understand what excited – and unnerved – them about participating in this movement.


Then, we got to work creating an energetic and accessible campaign that inspired action, including everything from launching a social channel filled with educational, supportive, and community-building content to (literally!) on-the-ground support to allow participants to show off their plantings and encourage others to join the movement.


Oh, and we built them a website ...

Check it out


Putting aside the whole helping to protect our water and earth thing, it has been monumentally exciting to see our work … working! Within the first couple months of advertising, the campaign generated more than 750 tree planting requests among farmers and landowners.