Delaware River Waterfront Association

Philadelphia’s waterfront is a recreational oasis mere blocks from the city’s bustling center, a perfect “getaway” for local families, out-of-town visitors, and young and older adults alike. It’s also an absolute nightmare for those people to get there, due to increasing traffic congestion and limited parking.

So, in the summer of 2019, the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation approached SWELL to help Philadelphians find their way to the waterfront by way of public transportation. Our team had plenty of experience with the waterfront – and the journey required to get there. Add to that, our first hand knowledge of the city’s public transit system (thanks for that, by the way!) and we were well-positioned to knock this very specific challenge out of the park.


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We teamed up with a local illustrator that we’d been admiring from afar (on Instagram) and developed a campaign that married the joyous destination with the most relaxing and effortless ways of arriving there.


Illustration: Chloe Johnson


Proud Moment

When we first started talking with the DRWC team, it was 2019. We all know what happened to event venues in the year/s that followed. While we had to take an extended hiatus mid-project, the enthusiasm for the concept and creative was still at a 10 when we reunited to (finally!) execute the campaign.