Community Partnership School

In early 2015, we raised our hands and were called on to develop a brand identity and messaging strategy for Community Partnership School in North Philadelphia.

CPS represents a unique place in the landscape of Philadelphia’s public, private, and charter schools, offering a top-notch, affordable education to children from the underserved North Philadelphia neighborhood. The new brand drew inspiration from their unique approach of creating a strong partnership and shared responsibility among student, school, and family.


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Our first order of business was to hold stakeholder interviews with parents, teachers, board members, and neighbors (a.k.a. the “community” and “partners”) in order to uncover insights and perceptions that would imbue the brand with meaning.

The original CPS logo was 100% type based, which lacked the warmth, energy, and ownability that the leadership was looking for. But, the leadership had attachment to the typeface and color palate, and given that we knew the new logo rollout would be a gradual one, we kept it consistent so both logos could seamlessly coexist as long as needed.
The new identity boasted a bold, expanded color palate courtesy of a series of interlocking rings to represent the families, teachers, board, and community that surround the students of CPS.


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On December 14, 2018, we watched proudly (and maybe teared up a little) as Head of School Eric Jones cut the ribbon for the opening of Community Partnership School’s first building of their own, bearing a two-story version of its identity.

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