As lifelong neighbors to "The Garden State", we've always been under the impression that gardens were sort of New Jersey's thing.

But as it turns out, Pennsylvania has our own rich and storied garden culture, with the Philadelphia region even boasting the title of “America’s Garden Capital”. (In your face, Jersey!)


As part of a long relationship with the PA Tourism Office, we were presented with the challenge of promoting our state’s public gardens through the state’s own content marketing channels. They had seen what we’d done with the PA Wine Land Post for the Pennsylvania Winery Association and wanted their own publication, targeting PA’s green thumbs and garden tourists.


  • Non-Profit
  • Tourism


  • Branding
  • Content Marketing

And so, we invented Bulb & Bloom, an online publication digging into Pennsylvania's garden culture. 

Inspired in equal parts by the muddy and the magnificent, we created a content platform to connect with Pennsylvania’s garden enthusiasts and tourists. Our work included everything from developing the name and identity to content strategy and editorial management to pushing the content out via the tourism office’s email and social channels.


We crafted a content calendar that drove visitation to the public gardens across the state, inspired at-home gardening with pro tips, and shone a spotlight on home-grown garden experts and businesses.


The digital publication was off and running, but there was something about the content that begged to be paged through, giving our readers the opportunity to bring the guide with them whether they were out on the road or out in the backyard. And so, we launched a print edition – a 108-page love letter to Pennsylvania’s garden culture.

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Publishing a vibrant 108-page book that was the culmination of months of editorial planning, interview conducting, partner image sourcing, and double-, triple-, and quadruple-checking every last fact, figure, and font was an undertaking to be proud of. But that’s what we do. It was the distribution coordination that got our beloved books into the eager hands of garden visitors around the state that was the real accomplishment. We worked with about a dozen public gardens to distribute the books, supplying them with digital and printed promotional material.  Mission: accomplished.

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