Pennsylvania Parks + Forests Foundation

In early 2015, SWELL began work with the inspiring folks at the Pennsylvania Recreation & Park Society (PRPS) and the Pennsylvania Department of Conversation & Natural Resources (DCNR) to launch the first-ever statewide brand and marketing campaign for local parks and recreation. (And before you ask, yes, the Parks and Rec theme song is constantly stuck in our heads.) We started with some research and strategizing, helping to assemble a transformational Case Statement that laid out a contemporary situation analysis of local parks and recreation in PA, before moving on to developing a new brand, mission, and useful set of tools.

The Pennsylvania Parks and Forest Foundation is the front line of support for our state’s 121 state parks and more than 2.2 million acres of public land. They are the boots on the ground team that advocates for these assets and provides nature-loving Pennsylvanians with volunteer opportunities to help in their … well … necks of the woods. While PPFF is comfortable in their behind-the-scenes role, this campaign shines a light on all that they do to keep PA’s parks and forests beautiful and thriving.


In addition to the campaign materials, we armed PPFF with simple ways to update their current materials like graphics for email newsletters and custom stamps for their existing letterheads and envelopes – because if anyone should be vigilant about not wasting paper products, it’s them!