The PA Wine Land Post

Every place has its news outlet. New York has its Times. Philadelphia has its Inquirer. Santa Fe has its Reporter. (We had to look that last one up.) Spanning sixty-seven counties, it was only fitting that PA Wine Land got its own news outlet, so in 2017, we launched The PA Wine Land Post. From food and wine pairings to intimate profiles of winemakers and tastemakers to seasonal event listings to in-depth profiles on some of Pennsylvania’s most prominent grapes, the PA Wine Land Post is must-read content for the local wine-lover.

We’ve produced more than two dozen videos including Wine Swap (a series focusing on PA alternatives to old standbys), Grocery Bag (a series that provides some no-brainer pairing suggestions for local wines), Meet the Winemaker (a series that, as the name suggests, introduces you to winemakers across the state), and more. Click here for the video library.


We’ve interviewed chefs, sommeliers, and tastemakers from Easton to Erie and shared their views on the industry, how they incorporate local wines into their restaurants and wine lists, and their favorite bottles


The Wine School series demystifies some of Pennsylvania’s lesser-known (and hard-to-pronounce) varieties like Noiret, Chambourcin, and Gew├╝rtztraminer.