First Person Arts

For nearly two decades, First Person Arts has provided a safe and open stage (often quite literally) from which Philadelphians can share their stories – broadcast on air, online, on stage, and on the page. As their eighteenth birthday approached, the need for a more sophisticated image became apparent. Their current, homespun brand projected an image smaller and more grassroots than the powerhouse that they’d become and it was beginning to hinder their growth and funding efforts.

Through stakeholder interviews, research, and strategy sessions, we uncovered the truths that informed a new, confident, brand that is all about the power of connection. Bold, smart, and vibrant, their evolved image reflects their maturity, energy, and purpose.


The original identity for First Person Arts served them well for over a decade and the organization rallied around and embraced the handcrafted brand that the mark represented. Organizational growth and aspirations of bringing their work to bigger stages inspired the move to something new.


The new brand was developed to reflect and instill the confidence, fearlessness, and boldness that First Person Arts had grown to embody.