East Girard

The East Girard neighborhood of Fishtown is equal parts history and hipster: there’s a neighborhood auto body shop and a record-slash-coffee shop; a trucking school and a yoga studio. Creating a brand that satisfied the die hard locals and the (equally passionate) newcomers was no small feat. We kept things running smoothly by keeping all of the stakeholders not only informed of – but involved in – the process through information sessions, input meetings, and public presentations. The open collaboration resulted in a brand that resonated with both camps, and informed a set of tools to attract new businesses and residents to this small, but mighty, corner of the city.


Upon wrapping up the brand development, we armed East Girard with a usable set of tools that they could edit and customize to cater to different audiences.


The new East Girard website needed to reflect the growing, changing neighborhood. We built the site on an easy-to-use content management system, so the folks at East Girard were able to add the (many!) new businesses that moved into the area and keep current events current.